What is A Cloffice? And Why You Need It? 

You might be puzzled what a cloffice means, well basically, it is a closet that has been made into an office. It’s a creative way of combining the words closet and office into one word “Cloffice”. With this regard, physically turning your closet into an office is more than creative than you imagine.  

Moreover, this new fun term is as well an ongoing trend and has been most requested at Custom Closets St. Pete. If you have a spare closet at home that serves nothing but just accumulate junk, also if your guest room closet always left bare when family and friends are not visiting you might want to consider turning these unused useful, then why not make it functional and turn them into a cloffice. 


This can be very useful especially to those who are working from home. A cloffice can also serve as a homework corner, a place where the family can keep their computers, a station to keep important documents, or it can be a perfect nook to access bills as well as budget books organized. 

If you are wondering if there benefits you could get from having a cloffice, the answer would be a yes. As a matter of fact, a cloffice will help you utilize an abandoned or wasted space you have at home. Also, it will cut down the clutter that are being accumulated in that closet that actually not necessary and have no other use.  

Imagine a newly found space in your home that can aid you get more organized. A brand-new corner you never think can be functional. And this new space you can decorate whatever you want. You can use wallpaper, vibrant colors, or a decal to build a statement as well as make a focal position in a room, or you can go sleek and simple by hiding your brand-new workstation behind a gorgeous new French door or could be in a sliding barn door. Whatever your choice is St. Pete Custom Closets can definitely make it happen for you. 

Turning your idle closet into an office is a wise and creative move. If you ever dreamed of an office or workplace at home but at some point, hard to come up with a good space or area to set up one, then your vacant closet is the answer. This is a creative solution that does not take so much space.   

This newly found nook is really a space saver and can literally disappear upon closing the door, while compare to utilizing another room at home for your official office is not that practical compare to having a cloffice. Not to mention, that turning your closet into an office is in general much cheaper when it comes design and installation of a cloffice than to buy large desk and other things just to create a separate work station.  

So now, if you are thinking of having a cloffice installed and won’t be able to go on a DIY project you can always call a professional and get this exciting project done for you.